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Choice on wheels

Published 3:36pm Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Madison County students have a choice.

On April 26-28, the Choice Bus will roll into Madison County to teach students about the dangers of dropping out of school.

“Madison County Schools are fortunate for our students to have the opportunity to be exposed to the Choice Bus,” said Geraldine Tibbs, director of public relations for the Madison County Schools. “Hopefully, it will help them see the importance of staying in school and doing their best.”

he Choice Bus is divided into two sections to give students a visual representation of their choices.
Part of the bus is a normal school bus. The other half contains a full scale replica of a jail cell.

According to the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation, 75 percent of prison inmates are high school dropouts.

“Keeping kids in school will help to keep them out of prison,” the foundation said. “The Choice Bus is an experience-based learning tool designed to show young people the power of education, as well as, the likely consequences of choosing to drop out of school.”

Upon entering the bus, students are shown a video of that quizzes them on the earning potential of a dropout versus a high school and college graduate.

The video states that high school graduates earn $10,000 more per year than high school dropouts, and college graduates earn a million dollars more. It also features testimonials of inmates who regret dropping out of school.

Tibbs said she hopes the entire experience teaches students life lessons.

“Life is made up of choices and what you choose can determine your future,” Tibbs said. “Choosing to stay in school and doing your best can lead to great things and a life of fulfillment and success, and the alternative often leads to pitfalls and disappointments.”

The bus will visit Hazel Green High School on April 26, New Hope High School on April 27 and Sparkman 9th Grade Academy on April 28.

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