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Dusk ’til dawn curfew imposed on Madison County residents

Published 5:18pm Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Huntsville Emergency Management Agency has imposed a dusk ‘til dawn curfew on Madison County until power can be restored.

The agency is encouraging all residents to stay inside if at all possible.

Emergency management officials issued the following reminders to citizens:

Stay home unless you absolutely must leave. Fuel is the county’s most valuable resource at this time, said Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning. All gas stations in the county remain close

Leave fuel and supplies to those who truly need them. Some stores, like Kroger, have allowed one person in the store at a time with a security escort to buy non-perishable food items, ice and water, but supplies are limited. “Remember, we’re not the only area affected,” said Rusty Russell of the Madison County Emergency Management Agency. “Other communities need the same resources we do. We are resource-rich, but other communities are hurting, too.”

Conserve water. The water system is affected by the power outage, and the county could face issues soon if power isn’t restored. The water treatment plant in south Huntsville has partial power at this time, but emergency officials are strongly encouraging conservation.

Dial 911 only for emergencies. The Madison County Emergency Management Agency will be setting up a phone bank (phone number to be released later) for medical emergencies. “We’re getting silly calls for 911,” Madison County Chairman Mike Gillespie. “We need to keep it open for life and death situations because we have limited resources.”

Don’t attempt to go sight-seeing. “Law enforcement out in full force – people need to stay out of their way,” Gillespie said. Areas that are still part of the county-wide search and rescue operation are strictly off-limits to everyone but residents. People who live in an affected area must present ID before they will allowed past the barricades.

Don’t not go to the hospital for minor ailments. Huntsville Hospital has canceled all elective surgery procedures for today, and is operating on limited power, said Cheryl Davis, director of marketing and physician relations at Huntsville Hospital. All outpatient clinics, heart centers, imaging centers, wellness centers and Madison Urgent Care are closed. Emergency officials recommend having a 5-day supply of daily medications on-hand.

Avoid the hardest-hit areas. Police have specifically asked people to avoid the following areas: Yarborough Community, Ford Chapel Road, Alabama 53 north of Pine Grove all way to state line, Carter’s Gin Road, Pulaski Pike and Nick Fitchard Road.

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