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Some power restored to Huntsville area

Published 2:35pm Sunday, May 1, 2011

Huntsville Utilities has been able to restore 3% of the electric system load as of 9 a.m. Sunday morning.

This included restoring power to the Southwest Water Treatment Plant.

As TVA makes electricity available it will be directed to areas where it can have the most significant impact. This includes Public Safety and Healthcare facilities, and nursing homes. A targeted effort is also being made to restore power to areas where there is a high concentration of gas stations, retail outlets and restaurants, which provide food and basic supplies.

Huntsville Utilities ask customers to please continue conserving water. Even though a second water treatment facility has been brought back online, the power to run the booster stations, which push water through the system, is still not back on. In order to maintain water pressure so that outlying areas and elevated sections of town will receive adequate amounts, everyone MUST continue conserving water to keep levels up.

Another major point of concern is generator safety. We have repeatedly expressed concern over carbon monoxide poisoning from improper ventilation from the fuel fumes.

Huntsville Utilities also requests that customers please limit their use of power as the system comes back on. Do not run unnecessary appliances for several days. This will help build stability on the system. As a precaution, to protect your appliances, please unplug all televisions, computers and other appliances, leaving one or two lights on so you will know when power is restored. Turn the breaker to your hot water off. Turn your air conditioner off. These precautions will protect your electrical appliances as well as allowing a gradual build to usage, helping stabilize the system.

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