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Galipeau goes for gold

Published 3:41pm Friday, May 20, 2011

Lou Galipeau knows what women want: handbags and makeup.

Many know him as the manager of investor relations for the Madison Chamber of Commerce. But he also is one of the South’s top salesmen of Miche Bags.

His company is called What Women Want LLC.

“One of my products is the Miche handbags—where the shells are all removable and interchangeable,” Galipeau explained. “So a lady doesn’t have to change out her purse. She just takes out a different shell for a different day or a different wardrobe.”

Miche Bag recently held an annual regional meeting in Atlanta. Galipeau was one of two people to earn the gold level award. Last year he took home the silver award.

“I’ve been the number one salesperson in the southeast region for two years running,” Galipeau said.

Galipeau explained how the awards are broken down.

“It’s based on sales dollars—sales volumes,” Galipeau said. “In other words, total sales of purses.”

The silver level is for selling 25,000, and the gold level is for selling 45,000.

Galipeau said any girl that owns a Miche Bag really, really likes them.

For the past year, he has also been selling Mary Kay products.

“That’s another product that goes very well under What Women Want,” Galipeau said.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a Miche Bag or Mary Kay products, they can contact Galipeau at (256) 541-2159.

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