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High hopes for new superintendent

Published 4:04pm Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A new face will be arriving in Huntsville to take over Doctor Ann Roy Moore’s superintendent position soon.

Doctor Casey Wardynski is currently the chief financial officer of the Aurora, Colorado school system.

Wardynski spent 30 years in the military and is a retired Army colonel. He has also been an associate professor of economics at the United States Military Academy, West Point.

The school board voted 3-2 and chose Wardynski on Thursday, June 2.

“We had seven excellent candidates that were narrowed down to three candidates,” Huntsville City School Board President Topper Birney said. “All three had qualities that I wanted to see in the next superintendent. However, when I looked at all of the qualities of Dr. Wardynski, he seemed to me the one who would best serve.”

Birney said that Wardynski stood out at the public forums through the way he answered the questions asked to him.

“He spoke from his heart,” Birney said. “I liked how he said was going to guide our school system through the difficult time we face.”

Finances are on the public’s mind when it comes to the school system. Wardynski said he has dealt with financial stress before in Colorado.

“I am aware that Huntsville City Schools have had some financial challenges,” Wardynski said. “Over the last four years, we’ve reduced the Colorado budget by 41 million. I think these skills will be valuable in stabilizing the situation in Huntsville and putting the district down the road to financial success so that this is not an issue on teachers and principals minds. They should be focused on student achievement and not worrying about whether the district is solvent. This is going to be one of the first contributions I can make.”

Birney said that it will be beneficial for Wardynski that he has lived in Huntsville before while he was stationed and working on Redstone Arsenal. He said that will allow Wardynski to come in with a support group in place.

“He has many friends here,” Birney said. “He can call on these friends for advice on situations that he may want to go outside the Huntsville City School System for. He’s got an excellent background of business and leadership and I think all of that will certainly fall into place. I feel certain that everybody will get behind him when he becomes in charge of our school system.”

Birney said that Wardynski will take over as superintendent around July 5th when he moves to Huntsville.

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