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School board reviews year

Published 9:25am Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Madison City School Board set goals for Superintendent Dee Fowler and the schools to complete this past school year.

The first goal was a plan to increase technology usage in the schools.

The technology coordinator, the technology department and the instruction department created a plan of action.

The plan involved Fowler making sure that the teachers were up to date on their grade books this past year.

Fowler said this plan would continue through next year as well.

The results of surveys given to teachers and students about the use of technology were reviewed and compared to last year’s data.

Elementary teachers reported that projects involving the students own creations had been used more frequently in class resulting in a 4.0 increase in that area.

Middle school teachers and students reported an increase in the use of online resources.

Fowler stated that finances may have gotten in the way of accomplishing everything they had planned to do.

“I don’t know that we did everything 100 percent, but it was a very difficult year,” Fowler said.

Fowler said that the school system is looking into the possibility of getting virtual desktops and servers for the schools on Madison.

Technology coordinator Katrina Allen said if the school system could make the switch, it would save money in the long run.

It looks like this is the best option to bring our technology up to date and put us on the edge for the next thing to come down the road,” Allen said.

The next goal discussed for the superintendent and the schools was a plan to increase school safety.

The plan made sure that all schools had a faculty senate and a student advisory committee.

These groups will present a yearly review of safety recommendations to Fowler.

Fowler said that the results this year showed that the schools are safer and more secure.

“We are on the road map to continuing our progress,” Fowler said.

The board also recognized many retirements that occurred this year.

In other business, the financial and bank reconciliation statements were approved for April 2011.

Also, the board renewed its bid of 2010-9, Termite Control.

Finally, the board approved the Discovery Middle School Football Camp.

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