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Not your typical fundraiser

Published 12:41pm Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lynn-Fanning Elementary School decided to try a new fundraiser last year in hopes it would bring more money and excitement to the school. Boosterthon did just that.

“It was really amazing,” Lynn-Fanning’s Fun Run Chair Ashley Amara said. “The kids in our school were super excited about it. It topped our previous fundraising efforts by almost 30 percent. It was a really positive experience for everyone involved.”

Amara said Lynn-Fanning Elementary is still spending the money raised during the fundraiser.

 “We are going to use the money on a PA system, children production materials, a child sized podium and other technology items for the school,” Amara said.

Boosterthon’s Lead Innovator Brett Trapp said that Boosterthon promotes fitness, leadership and character during their school programs. The team members go to the school and teach lessons on the chosen character theme for the year. The program has videos and workbooks for the school.

Funds for the school are raised during the week by collecting pledges for the number of laps they will run. At the end of the week, students will run laps at the Fun Run to earn the money from all of the pledges they received.

“Typically, schools who participate will raise their funding by about 70 percent,” Trapp said. “Most schools do some kind of product fundraiser. With Boosterthon, there is no product. It’s more of a sense of accomplishment for the students. It’s an easier process for students and their families.”

Amara said on the last day of Boosterthon last year, they signed up to host them again this year.

Boosterthon’s new character theme for this year is EPIC adventure. It stands for encourage, play, invite and celebrate. Trapp said that the theme this year is going to be focused on teamwork.

“The character theme was what sold it for us on the first Boosterthon,” Amara said. “We love the idea of it actually meaning something and getting something out of it. The character building is exactly what our school wants to align itself with.”

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“From a parent and PTA standpoint, it was the easiest fundraiser I’ve ever done,” Lynn-Fanning’s PTA President Sina Roberts said. “It was effortless for us, and it was so good to see the kids respond to all of the staff who worked with the Boosterthon.”

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