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Sports fans should make peace, not war

Published 12:25pm Friday, July 1, 2011

Everyone knows the term sore loser. After the Stanley Cup Playoff, the world thought they saw what this meant and how it affected people.

The Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins 4-0 in game seven. After the tough loss for Vancouver, there were riots and fires started in the streets.

I witnessed a great number of people who said that this is only because hockey is violent. While there are fights in hockey, it cannot be blamed for outbursts of violence that occur.

Hockey is a passionate sport. From the fans to the players, we love to see great goals and some great fights every now and then.

Personally, I do not attend hockey games for the fights. I go to have fun and to see my favorite teams play a hard game and hopefully see them win at the end of three periods of well played hockey.

Fights have been a part of hockey since around the beginning. Just because the players fight, it does not mean that the fans will try and be like the teams on the ice and start fighting each other.

Fans will always be dedicated to their favorite sports team whether they win or lose. I am guilty of screaming my lungs out when my favorite player gets into a brawl on the ice. But in no way would I ever want to harm an audience member of an opposing team or start a riot.

Attending hockey games for me is a way to forget my every day routine. It’s a way to let loose and enjoy seeing great puck handling, fast skaters and amazing goalie saves.

I feel as if violence is becoming more predominate in society, not just in sports. Sports should not be blamed for how fans react to losing.

The teams who practiced all season to lose in the finals did not act in any way like the people who rioted. They acted appropriately and shook hands with the winners.

Hockey is a great sport. The people who acted out of anger should not represent the sport or its fans.

I encourage people to go out and watch a game when the season begins. Give the good ol’ hockey game a chance.

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