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Eight new principals come to Huntsville

Published 11:20am Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Huntsville chose eight new principals at the school board meeting on Saturday.

The applicants were narrowed down by a committee chosen by Dr. Casey Wardynski, Huntsville’s new superintendent.

“The core of the committee was a few of what Wardynski thought were our top principals,” Topper Birney, President of Huntsville School Board, said. “He selected them from high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.”

Wardynski made the final decision on the applicants that the committee narrowed it down to.

Birney said that when choosing a new high school principal, the committee worked with teachers and active parents from the school seeking the new principal.

“I really like the fact that the process gave each school the feeling of ownership of choosing a new principal,” Birney said.

Birney believes that the new principals will benefit the Huntsville City school system and the children in the system.

“I think they’re going to bring some new insights, especially the ones that are from out of our system,” Birney said. “We will get the best of both worlds. We will take the best that we have and pair it with the best that they have.”

Birney said the new principals are preparing for their upcoming school year and have already started their new jobs.

The new principals for Huntsville City are:

Shelton Cobb- Huntsville Center for Technology

Heather Bardwell- Weatherly Elementary School

Patricia Boyd- Morris Elementary School

Jennifer Douthit- MLK Elementary School

Sanchella Graham- Chafee Elementary School

Kirus Johnson- Davis Hills Middle School

Ann Jobe- Academy for Academic and Arts

Chad Laqua- Butler High School

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