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Sparkman beats Hazel Green

Published 9:15am Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Sparkman Boys beat Hazel Green 56-42 Tuesday night, ending their two-game losing streak.

The game was intense as Sparkman tried to redeem themselves after they took a heartbreak loss to Huntsville and Gadsden City.

The game started on a good nigh with both teams playing well. It was Sparkman who looked like they were going to win, but Hazel Green kept playing hard. The game was close at the end of the first it was 13-8.

The second quarter was the same as the first, but Sparkman kept shooting well and playing great defense making Hazel Green commit lots of turnovers. The score was 29-17 at half.

Coming into the third quarter, Sparkman used the momentum from the second quarter to keep the lead over the Trojans and kept playing great defense. Hazel Green kept committing fouls helping Sparkman.

The fourth quarter was much more intense. With the lead, Sparkman made some major mistakes and Hazel Green took advantage of that. The Senators were able to shut them down.  Sparkman won 56-42 as they add another win to the win column.

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