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Madison, Huntsville, Madison Co. schools to have identical calendar

Published 4:46pm Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All three superintendents in Madison County gathered at Central Office Wednesday to discuss the revised school calendar set by state lawmakers.

The three officials, Dr. Dee Fowler of Madison City Schools, Dr. Casey Wardynski of Huntsville City Schools and the newly hired David Copeland of Madison County Schools, said they would place all three systems on the same calendar.
The state legislature recently passed a law mandating that all school systems begin their 2012-2013 school year Aug. 20 and end May 24.

“It continues to be our unified belief that decisions involving the school calendar are best made at the local level, not from Montgomery,” said Fowler. “It is now our job to craft a calendar that meets these new mandates, while still protecting our core values.”

Lawmaker said a longer break could boost tourism dollars for Alabama.

Fowler said the schools’ number one priority would continue to be students.

“Any calendar that we adopt must protect quality instructional time,” he said.

The new calendar does not include a fall break, shortens Thanksgiving break to three days and gives students eight days for Christmas break.

Fowler said the calendar would be kept at 180 student days. The new calendar doesn’t include weather days nor does it allow students off for President’s Day and Columbus Day.

“We understand your frustration… we have similar frustrations,” Fowler concluded. “It is not our desire to change our previously desired calendar, but we’ve been forced to do so. We continue to welcome your input as we strive to make the best possible decisions for the education of the children in Madison County.”



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