Arrests from June 10-16

Published 8:27am Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The following individuals were arrested and charged by the Madison Police Department from June 10-16:

June 11

–Daniel Mulligan Knowles, Madison, minimum age purchase, consume, possess, transport alcohol

–Tonnie Dwight Clay, Decatur, failure to appear

–John William Staggs, Madison, public drunkenness

–Heath Allen Griffin, Madison, theft-shoplifting third-degree, public drunkenness

–Phillip Wayne Walsh, Huntsville, simple assault

June 12

–Floressa Renee Burris, Madison, contributing-delinquent-minor public drunkenness

–Carol Wilson Cole, Madison, domestic violence third-degree

–David Andrew Elliott, Decatur, failure to appear

June 13

–Kenneth Olander Warwick, Huntsville, bail-jumping second-degree

–Peter Benjamin Rohlfs, Huntsville, violation of probation

–Maurice Leon Jackson, Madison, domestic violence third-degree

June 14

–James Odell Turner, Madison, theft from public building third-degree

June 15

–Lisa Marie Drake, Madison, failure to appear

–Benjamin James Deheve, Madison, forgery second-degree

–Princeton Crushun Alexander, Madison, failure to pay

–Austin Tobias Spiller, Madison, public drunkenness

June 16

–Emily Mary Lyon, Madison, resisting arrest, public drunkenness

–Ginger Stevens Green, Madison, driving under influence-alcohol

–Christen Chevon Holden, Madison, theft from public building third-degree

–Austin Tobias Spiller, Madison, public drunkenness

–Freddy Pacheco, Madison, public drunkenness

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