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Very dangerous heat coming this weekend

Published 8:06pm Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes, while Tuesday was not as hot as Monday, and Wednesday looks to be a carbon copy of today, it now  looks like we have the potential for at least four consecutive days of triple digit heat for much of Alabama Friday through Monday, with daily highs between 100 and 105 degrees. The worst of the heat should come on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… the most extreme readings look to  come over North and West Alabama, closer to the upper high, what some meteorologist call (the “death ridge”).

GFS forecast highs for noon Saturday

Characteristics of people who tend to be most sensitive to heat:
☼ Very small body size.
☼ Poor nutrition
☼ Overweight
☼ Over 40 years old (the older, the more sensitive)
☼ Previous heat illness
☼ Heart disease
☼ High blood pressure
☼ Diabetes
☼ Skin disease
☼ Liver, kidney, and lung problems.

There are three stages of heat-related illness: heat cramps, heat exhaustion
and heat stroke. Heat cramps are the least serious of the three and usually
occur during or after intense physical exercise. Drinking lots of water can usually
prevent them. Heat exhaustion is the most common, and symptoms of include
weak, rapid pulse; low blood pressure; headache; nausea; dizziness; “goose
bumps” and weakness. If you have these symptoms, you should stop exercising
or working, move to a cooler area and begin drinking fluids.

You also need to monitor your outdoor pets and make sure to keep their water changed and cool multiple times during the day. Also pay close attention to your elderly neighbors and check on them frequently, and if you have to be outdoors make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen, wear a cap, take plenty of breaks, and drink plenty of clear liquids.

The heat looks to  back off just a little bit next week; as highs should be in the mid 90s, still hot yes but not triple digits. We might even see a few “scattered, mostly afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms” as the upper ridge begins to breaks down a bit.

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