Arrests from June 24-30

Published 8:24am Thursday, July 5, 2012

The following individuals were arrested and charged by the Madison Police Department from June 24-30:

June 25

–Anthony Joe Robinson, Huntsville, bail-jumping second-degree

–Andrea Paige Terry, Madison, bail-jumping second-degree (two counts)

–Ambreada Sade Thompson, Madison, failure to appear (two counts)

–Summer Ann Binder, Huntsville, violation of probation

June 26

–Immuri Bakrai Lang, Madison, driving under influence-alcohol

–Michael J Bush, Madison, failure to appear

–Belinda Gay Hopkins, Madison, domestic violence third-degree

–Vicente Perez-Ramirez, Madison, public drunkenness

–Moncho D Perez Recinos, Madison, driving under influence-alcohol

June 27

–George Nelson, Madison, theft from public building third-degree (two counts)

–Wiley Eugene Davis, Madison, domestic violence third-degree

June 28

–Jeffery Devashay Booker, Madison, domestic violence third-degee

–Robert Earl Lewis, Huntsville, failure to appear

–Joshua James Pawley, Madison, burglary third-degree-force-residence, breaking and entering vehicle (no theft-no damage)

June 29

–Angela Medley Gifford, Gurley, violation of probation

–Adrian Tyrone Moore, Madison, violation of probation

–Jayson Dwane Wampler, Madison, public intoxication

–Erica Bradley Jordan, Madison, theft from public building third-degree

–Corey Demarcus Thompson, Madison, violation of probation

–Hugh Silvara Jones, Madison, violation of probation

June 30

–Therman Nichols Boddie, Madison, driving under influence-drugs

–Eliezer Ruiz Claudio, Madison, public drunkenness

–Candice Renee Tapscott, Madison, violation of probation

–Rhea Gabrielle Perry, Madison, harassment

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