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Clark announces District 6 Candidacy

Published 10:09am Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gerald Clark is announcing his candidacy for Madison City Council District 6.

Gerald Clark

Clark graduated from Auburn University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, and he is a registered landscape architect in the state of Alabama.

He began his career at Smith Engineering after traveling abroad in Europe to study architecture, landscape architecture and interior design. He is currently a landscape architect at Goodwyn, Mills and Caywood.

Clark has worked with local governments in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee throughout his career. He feels that his education and experiences have provided him with insight on urban planning, growth and development. He hopes that this insight will allow him to improve the city government for the citizens of Madison.

Clark has been married to Tina Phillips since 1996. They have two sons: Phillip, age 14, and William, age 5.

If elected, Clark has a five point plan for improving city government: bringing customer service to City Council, providing financial accountability, improving city policies and procedures, creating easier access for businesses and individuals to interact with the city government, and aggressively recruiting new business.

Clark is or has been involved with multiple projects in the Madison area, including Madison Hospital, Watercress Apartments and Providence Streetscape.

For more information on Clark, visit his website:

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