Arrests from Aug. 18-24

Published 8:15am Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The following individuals were arrested and charged by the Madison Police Department from Aug. 18-24:

Aug. 18

–Venkateshwar Rad Bejgam, Madison, public intoxication

–Sheriff Njie, Huntsville, failure to appear

Aug. 19

–Matthew Drake Ballew, Madison, domestic violence third-degree

–Dallin Christopher Runion, Madison, driving under the influence- alcohol

–Philip John Robinson, Madison, public drunkenness

Aug. 20

–Okli Orion Frederick, Madison, domestic violence third-degree, minimum age, purchase, consume, possess, transport alcohol

–Steven Matthew Meyer, Huntsville, burglary third-degree force-residence, theft from residence first-degree

–Tevin Deandre Freeman, Huntsville, burglary third-degree force-residence, theft from public building first-degree

–Kamau Keef Garner, Madison, disorderly conduct

–Zenaida Rivera Delgado, Madison, failure to appear traffic

–Cladise Patience Wimberly, Decatur, theft of service (two counts)/deception

Aug. 21

–Laura Ann Smartt, Madison, theft-shoplifting third-degree

Aug. 22

–Wade Derwood Marona, Madison, driving under influence-alcohol

–Jeffrey Carl Campbell, Huntsville, receiving stolen property third-degree

–John Thomas Call, Huntsville, failure to appear

–Aliyah Maya Berry, Madison, theft-shoplifting third-degree (four counts)

Aug. 24

–Zachary Jordan Batson, Madison, failure to appear

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