Madison Police closed off the northbound lane of Mose Chapel Rd. on Jan. 15. Parts of Madison County experienced above average rain totals over the week that resulted in flooding in many areas. (Record Photo/Aldo Amato)

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Cold rain and flooding pound Madison County

Published 3:03pm Friday, January 18, 2013

By Aldo Amato / Staff Reporter

Residents in Madison and surrounding Madison County saw massive amounts of rain mixed with freezing temperatures earlier this week.

After weeks of temperatures that fluctuated from bitterly cold to comfortably cool, the Madison County area experienced showers and thunderstorms for nearly half of a week.

Tim Troutman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Huntsville, said that despite seeing high rainfall totals in years past, the rainfall has been out of the norm for the month of January.

“The flooding conditions are definitely above normal for our region” he said. “It has happened in the past in a few years back for example in 2003 along with 2011. But as for as for the moth of January is well above normal.”

Many bridges and low-lying along areas like the Tennessee River in the county experienced closings due to rising waters that either crested or were expected to crest by the weekend. In some areas, rain totals reached as high as 5 inches.

“Area creeks streams and rivers should remain at or above flood stages into the weekend,” Troutman said.

In Madison, local police both closed and warned residents of flooded streets like the northbound lane of Mose Chapel Rd. that was completely flooded through late Thursday.

Troutman said that the final storm system should pass over North Alabama by the weekend and added that cloud coverage should clear out by Sunday.

“We are expecting an upper level storm system to move into the area following the system that has already gone through,” he said. “Temperatures should drop into the high 20’s by the end of the weekend.”

With colder temperatures expected to set in by next week, Troutman said that some of the remaining moisture from this week’s downpour could pose a risk for icy roadways.

“Most of the water should be gone by Sunday,” he said. “However any leftover moister could result in some freezing.”

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