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First in a series — Top submissions named for Reflections in dance, film and music

Published 7:43pm Sunday, January 27, 2013

Madison PTAs have announced top entries for the Reflections fine arts contest.

For dance choreography in primary grades, second-grader Catlin Kelly from Rainbow Elementary School took first place for “Magical Moments Happen.” Ramshreyas Gade from Columbia Elementary School earned second place with “Love is Always a Magical Moment.”

For intermediate grades, the top two students, both Rainbow fifth-graders, were Taylor Griffith, “The Rest of My Life,” and Lija Abele, “Imagine the Magic.” Katelynn Tucker, a Mill Creek Elementary School fourth-grader, was third for “Light of Friendship”; Samantha Arn, West Madison Elementary, honorable mention, “Magic Fireflies.”

In the middle group for dance, winners were Aija Abele, first, “I Was Here,” seventh grade, Discovery Middle School; Abby McCauley, second, “Home,” sixth grade, West Madison; and Megan Sheehan, third, “With You I Am Home,” sixth grade, Madison Elementary School.

Senior winners were Lauren Harksen, first, “The Magic of Arms,” sophomore, James Clemens High School; Briana Caudle, second, “A Moment Like This,” Bob Jones High School; and Shrader Griffith, third, “Little Things,” freshman, Bob Jones.

For the film production category, first-place winners were Chloe Song, “Paper Flowers Blooming,” kindergarten, Mill Creek; Kennedi Nichols, “The Magic of Mallory,” fourth grade, Columbia; Emma Foust, “Love at First Sight,” sixth grade, Columbia; and Alexis Rodriguez, “Visit With Grandma,” sophomore, James Clemens.

For musical composition, Rainbow second-grader Madeline Edwards won first place with “Magical Bubbles.” Chloe Song from Mill Creek took second for “A Happy Fish.” Intermediate winners were Lawrence Zhang, first, “The Magic of a Thinking Moment,” Columbia; Ranoah Holcomb, second, “March Into the Majestic Forest, fifth grade; Mill Creek; Will Griffith, third, “The Magical Moments of Harry Potter,” fourth grade, Rainbow; and Brandon Rodd, honorable mention, “A Beautiful Song,” third grade, Columbia.

Grace Palenapa, a Rainbow sixth-grader, won first place for “Aurora Borealis.” Bob Jones had two winners in musical composition: James Eaton, first, “A Moment in Time” and Victoria Van, second and third places, “Dreaming” and “Morning.”

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