Arrests from Feb. 16-22

Published 11:05am Monday, February 25, 2013

The following individuals were arrested and charged by the Madison Police Department from Feb. 16-22:

Feb. 16

–Quincy James Hatcher, Madison, robbery first-degree street-fun, breaking and entering a vehicle (theft), theft-article from auto second-degree

–Kristen Marie Sampson, Madison, driving under influence-alcohol

–Joseph Ezekiel Pollak, Madison, driving under influence-alcohol

Feb. 17

–Scott Harley Brown, Huntsville, failure to appear traffic

–Michael Harley Spitznagel, Madison, public drunkenness

Feb. 18

–William Corrie Allan Marchand, Madison, theft-shoplifting third-degree

–Corey Dewayne Thomson, Decatur, violation of probation

Feb. 19

–Leeartis Alonzo Powell, Madison, driving under influence-alcohol

–Rita Ann Cunningham, Madison, making false report to law enforcement officer

–Kevin Wayne White, Madison, making false report to law enforcement officer

–Cody Allan Edwards Pauls, Madison, failure to pay

–Zenith Rena Benson, Madison, failure to appear

–Emilio Saavedra Antonio, Madison, failure to appear

Feb. 20

–Misty Carol Bauer, Madison, obstructing governmental operations

–Kristy Elizabeth Justice, Madison, failure to pay

–Travis Clay Daniel, Madison, theft-misc. third-degree

–John Calvin Bailey, Madison, driving under influence-alcohol

–Sherri Lee Rothwell, Madison, resisting arrest public drunkenness

–Demond Shawntrell Reynolds, Madison, robbery first-degree-gun

–Christopher Lawson, Madison, robbery first-degree street-gun

Feb. 21

–Joann Rachael Fuqua, Huntsville, failure to appear

–Samantha Rae Hardy, Madison, failure to appear

–Brian Marcus Jamison, Madison, theft-misc. second-degree

–Kevin Scott Dunn, Madison, theft- misc. second-degree

–Harley Michael Houston, Madison, driving under influence-alcohol

Feb. 22

–Jamesky Bronze Emman Scott, Madison, failure to pay

–Christina Marie Piaskowski, Madison, failure to pay

–Demond Shawntrell Reynolds, Huntsville, receiving stolen property third-degree

–Kevin Dewayne Baker, Madison, violation of probation

–Audrey Delane Rhodes, Madison, failure to appear (DUI)

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