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Local anticipation builds for upcoming papal election

Published 3:26pm Monday, March 4, 2013

By Aldo Amato

Staff Reporter

HUNTSVILLE – Priests across the world, nation and even in the Tennessee Valley are anxiously awaiting the papal election.

The Rev. Joseph Lubrano, pastor at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Huntsville said that he never thought he would see the day that a pope would resign.

“I never thought I would experience a pope stepping down due to health reasons,” he said. “I guess I had never really thought about it because it had not been done for 600 years.”

When it comes to insider information, Lubrano said he has no clue who will be elected to be the next leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

“I really do not have any idea who will be selected,” he said. “I believe that the Holy Spirit will be working through the cardinals as they select the next pope.  It might be a big surprise – in the past often those elected were not those on the ‘short list’ for example, Pope John XXIII.”

The Rev. Joseph Lubrano. (CONTRIBUTED)
The Rev. Joseph Lubrano. (CONTRIBUTED)

Recently, scandals have come to light that have rocked the church and forced the resignation of high-ranking church officials.

Lubrano said that he was disheartened by reports of abuse and various other scandals that have come to night but added that the good the church does often get lost.

“The scandals that have come out recently about the church have made me very sad,” he said.  “I believe that there have been serious problems in the church that the church is dealing with to rectify.  There have been many outstanding things the church has done for all God’s people.”

Lubrano added that he does not have any favorites he is “rooting for” as far as eligible cardinals go. But he said he would like to see a younger cardinal elected.

“I hope that the cardinals will elect a younger man,” he said. “For the simple reason, the pope’s schedule is very strenuous and stressful.  I believe these are incredible times we live in and the new pope will have to have a great deal of energy to help guide the church into the future.”


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