Jamie Willis has opened her photography studio in Clay House at 16 Main St. in downtown Madison. (RECORD PHOTO/GREGG PARKER)
Jamie Willis has opened her photography studio in Clay House at 16 Main St. in downtown Madison. (RECORD PHOTO/GREGG PARKER)

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Jamie Willis Photography opens studio downtown in Clay House

Published 11:33am Friday, March 8, 2013

MADISON – When Jamie Willis started her photography business, she “never looked back.”

Jamie Willis Photography studio is another business that recently opened in historic Clay House, circa 1850, at 16 Main St. in downtown Madison.

“Although I can photograph anyone, newborns are my specialty,” Willis said. “I can’t get enough of the newborn goodness. Newborns require a special set of skills and a degree of patience that not every photographer possesses.”

She is close to her dream job of photographing all newborns all day, every day.

Her older brother Kenney King inspired Willis. “Kenney had a mad passion for nature photography and taught me how to operate a single-lens reflex camera,” Willis said.

Not until her son has born six years ago did Willis seriously apply her skills. “My husband bought my first ‘real’ camera and poured out encouragement for me to work for my dream,” she said. “My desire for photographic knowledge and skill grew exponentially. Soon after, I was blessed with a small gathering of loyal followers who love my work.”

Previously, Willis photographed newborns at Parkway Medical Center in Decatur for the “Monday’s Baby” and “Arriving Daily Baby” campaigns from 2009 to 2012.

To be successful, Willis shows appreciation for her clients and values those relationships. “I want everyone who steps into my studio to feel like I’m their best friend and that applies to children and their parents,” she said.

Listening is another business skill. After listening to clients, Willis “helps them figure out what they want.” She also “exceeds clients’ expectations by delivering products timely and with little gifts” like candy or photographic novelties. At ordering appointments, she offers eight free wallet photos.

Willis acknowledged friend Connie Edwards of Capturing Life Photography for advice and encouragement.

Willis holds membership with Professional Photographer’s Association, National Association of Professional Child Photographers and International Association of Newborn Photographers.

To maximize her time with family, Willis operates by appointment only.

For more information, call 256-694-8296 or visit babyfacesbyjamie.com or Facebook/jamiewillisphotography.

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