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St. John’s sixth-graders have faith in Pope Francis I

Published 5:35pm Monday, March 18, 2013

MADISON – Students at St. John the Baptist Catholic School watched closely during the selection of Pope Francis I. Sixth-graders in Brenda Villarreal’s homeroom shared their thoughts.

Natalie Cashon said Pope Benedict XVI retired because “he was getting old, but he is still in all of our hearts because he was our pope for a very long time. Jesus told him it was time to retire.” Natalie’s parents are Joseph and Tammy Cashon.

Natalie views Pope Francis as “a really nice man. He can speak about five different languages. I hope Jesus can help our new pope through the rest of his time on earth.” In addition, Natalie realizes that “being a pope is very hard. There’s lots of pressure on him right now. He will be a very amazing pope and will speak the word of the Lord to everyone. Everyone will listen to the good news.”

“The pope is important to have because he’s the visible leader of the Catholic Church,” Emily Vadasy said. Emily’s parents are Michael and Nadia Vadasy. Michael Colsch sees the pope as “our example.” Michael’s parents are Peter and Jennifer Colsch.

“The head of the church is Jesus Christ, but Jesus is only visible in our minds and hearts,” Perry Stone said.” His parents are Timothy and Stacy Stone.

Hailey Kersteins believes “we need (the pope) to show the love of God in every way possible. The Catholic Church has always had a pope since St. Peter. We’re supposed to learn and model ourselves after the Holy Father.” Hailey’s parents are Bernard and Theresa Kerstiens.

Perry Stone wants “a pope who will make choices that are good for the well-being of our Catholic Church.” Perry’s parents are Timothy and Stacy Stone. Abby Dobbs wants “a pope who tries to follow Jesus’ footsteps and someone who wants to be like Jesus, who wants to help others and pray for everyone even if they don’t believe in God and don’t have faith.” Her parents are Charles and Renee Dobbs.

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