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Museum features Haddock, Attanasio for Youth Art Month

Published 10:31pm Thursday, March 28, 2013

MADISON – Artwork by Leeza Haddock and Paris Attanasio is in exhibit for Youth Art Month at Huntsville Museum of Art.

Haddock, a first-grader, and Attanasio, a third-grader, are both students at West Madison Elementary School. Their art will be shown through April 21.

Haddock used tempera paint to create a tiger in tall grass with flowers and butterflies. “In art class, we painted all kinds of wildcats, which are West Madison’s mascot,” she said in explaining her subject choice.

“The tiger painting is my favorite art work that I’ve made. It’s happy and smelling the flowers,” Haddock said. “I like to paint and draw because it’s fun to be creative.” Her parents are Jeremy and Iryna Haddock.

Also using tempera paint for her medium, Attanasio painted a girl walking through the flowers in a setting in Mexico. “In art class, we learned about the famous Mexican artist, Diego Rivera,” she said.

Attanasio enjoys painting and drawing because the work inspires her. “My favorite piece of art that I have made was a painting of sunflowers that I made in art class,” she said. Her parents are Tony and Orpha Attanasio.

The girls’ art teacher is Lora Snyder. This semester, Snyder is teaching art at West Madison and Heritage Elementary School.

Founded in 1961 and observed each March, Youth Art Month stresses the importance of art education for youngsters, while encouraging support from the public for high caliber art programs. One sponsor of Youth Art Month, the Council for Art Education adopted the national theme, “Start with Art, Learn for Life.”

Youth Art Month focuses on the power of art education in developing critical thinking, understanding of diverse cultures and technical communication. Public exhibits, like the displays at Huntsville Museum of Art, heighten community awareness and interest in visual arts with the exhibits, workshops and other expressive venues.

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