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HPD will not charge University Place worker

Published 1:42pm Wednesday, April 24, 2013

By Aldo Amato

Staff Reporter

HUNTSVILLE — Huntsville Police said they will not charge a suspect in an alleged abuse case at University Place Elementary School.

Police spokesman Harry Hobbs said both the alleged victims and the suspect were interviewed.

“The suspect had a meeting with the District Attorney’s Office,” he said.  “They have determined that the suspect is covered under Alabama Code 13A-3-24, which allows parents, teachers and guardians to use physical force to maintain discipline or to promote the welfare of a child.”

The worker was contracted by Huntsville City Schools and is not a full time employee. The individual’s identity was not been released due to no charges being filed however details of the incident were made clear by Hobbs.

“The suspect used his belt to spank several children, striking each of them two times and one child three times on the butt,” he said. “It was determined that this did not meet the requirements for abuse so no criminal charges will be brought against the suspect.  He will be offered a diversion program by the District Attorney’s Office.”

Huntsville City Schools promptly took care of the issue firing the man for violating the school system’s ban on corporal punishment. The system banned the use of corporal punishment just two years ago.

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