The 2013 James Clemens High School Choir. (CONTRIBUTED)
The 2013 James Clemens High School Choir. (CONTRIBUTED)

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James Clemens’ choir nears end of successful first season

Published 4:06pm Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MADISON – After organizing during the 2012 fall semester, the James Clemens High School Choir has successfully completed its premiere season of concert and competition.

Earlier this semester, the James Clemens Choir attended the State Level Assessment for Choir, director Stuart Tankesley said. The group performed “All Ye Who Music Love” by Donato and “Seal Lullaby” by Whitacre.

“The most challenging piece was ‘Seal Lullaby’ because of the mature musical elements involved and the complex harmonies,” Tankesley said. “This music really pushed the students to learn difficult music … and music of different styles that they might not be accustomed to singing.”

For their hard work and dedication, choir members earned an excellent rating at state competition.

“The students felt a great sense of confidence and accomplishment after their performance, (which) was a culmination of two months worth of work,” Tankesley said. “They grew musically through the process and learned what it takes to be a successful high school choir.”

Kayla Braxton and Trent Salter were selected to perform with the All-State Choir.

In other activities, the choir performed at State Music Performance Assessment. For their spring concert, the James Clemens Choir joined voices with the Liberty Middle School Choir. “We sang our state competition music — ‘You Raise Me Up,’ ‘Seasons of Love’ and a medley from ‘Les Miserables.’ We ended with a huge production of the Queen song ‘Somebody to Love,’” Tankesley said.

As part of the James Clemens Arts Fest, the choir will perform on May 10 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. They also will sing at the senior awards ceremony on May 14 and graduation on May 20.

Tankesley describes the progress of the first James Clemens Choir as “unprecedented. They have really bought in, and the future is bright. They have gained musicianship and confidence since the beginning of the year.”

“The choir is going to continue to get better every year as it grows,” Tankesley said.

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