A screen grab from the Huntsville AL Rockin ER Syle video. (YOUTUBE)
A screen grab from the Huntsville AL Rockin ER Style video. (YOUTUBE)

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‘Rockin ER Syle’ a hit across the world

Published 4:30pm Tuesday, May 7, 2013








By Aldo Amato

Staff Reporter

HUNTSVILLE — Huntsville Hospital’s version of  “Gangnam Style” has become a major hit on YouTube.

The video is a take on the popular dance crazy hit “Gangnam Style” by Korean rapper PSY. It was produced and directed by Dr. Eric Greenfield and Dr. Swati Thotakura, MD, and chairman for the department of Emergency Medicine at Huntsville Hospital.

As of May 7, the video on YouTube has nearly 117,000 views.

“We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from across the country and world from this video,” Thotakura said. “Emergency Medicine is an extremely high intensity, high stress work environment and people enjoyed seeing us let loose and have some fun.”

As one could imagine, gathering a whole staff of on-call workers is no easy task. But Thotakura said it all worked out in the end after some hard work and dedication.

“A tremendous amount of time was put into the production of this video by several people,” she said. “Overall, it took about two to three weeks with multiple people performing different tasks on their own time.”

Filming in a hospital could be viewed as controversial and unethical by some. But all scenes were filmed in closed sections of the hospital and nothing was compromised for a second.

“It was not difficult to get clearance to produce this video,” Thotakura said. “We followed the rules and regulations as set forth by Huntsville Hospital Foundation.  Everyone involved volunteered their personal time to this  project and the filming did not disrupt patient care as most of the scenes were filmed in closed sections of our department.”

Thotakura said the video most importantly highlighted the importance of teamwork and hopes to repeat that next year.

“It is a true testament to the teamwork and support that we see in our Emergency Department on a daily basis,” she aid. “We will definitely be back next year so stay tuned.”

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