Michael Cook improved property at Hogan Family YMCA to earn his Eagle Scout rank. (CONTRIBUTED)
Michael Cook improved property at Hogan Family YMCA to earn his Eagle Scout rank. (CONTRIBUTED)

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Cook earns Eagle Scout rank with YMCA project

Published 4:54pm Thursday, May 23, 2013

MADISON – Michael Cook has earned the rank of Eagle Scout with an improvement project at Hogan Family YMCA.

Cook realized that a strip of land on the YMCA’s west side needed clearing to allow access to a lake.

“That whole area was thickly wooded and overgrown. I cleared out all of the bushes and thorny vines, removed dead trees and generally cleared the area enough that the space can be usable again,” he said.

Cook hopes more Scouts working for their Eagle rank will choose the YMCA as their project area and clear the space completely. “I think the YMCA would like to have a picnic area and maybe a walking space available for their members,” Cook said.

“I believe that living the Scout Law is important. I’ve really enjoyed working on all the badges required (for Eagle eligibility),” Cook said. On a more personal note, “my parents have told me that I can’t get my driver’s license until I’m an Eagle Scout. I’d really like to drive.”

Cook is an upcoming junior at Bob Jones High School. This lifelong Madison resident formerly attended National Connections Academy.

For his project, Cook used heavy chainsaws, hand shears, machetes and loppers. “As well as a lot of Scout muscle to get the job done,” he said. The project required about five weeks to complete.

Cook is a member of Boy Scout Troop 576. “I especially want to thank David Bailey, Jonathon Jones, Chad Tillman, Lon Stevens and John Fellows, as well as lots of other volunteers both in the City of Madison and within my scout troop that came out to help get this done,” he said.

His parents are Jeff and Andria Cook. “Mom works for a local non-profit and dad works in manufacturing management. I’m an only child,” Michael said.

The Cook family attends the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Madison Stake on Slaughter Road.

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