These tap dancers were one act in the Heritage Talent Show. (CONTRIBUTED)
These tap dancers were one act in the Heritage Talent Show. (CONTRIBUTED)

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Heritage students show their talent, bid Davenport goodbye

Published 6:58pm Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MADISON – Heritage Elementary School’s talent show was so popular that the school community wants an reprisal in 2014.

Music teacher Kristina Newsome and third-grade teacher Tanisha Austin were coordinators.

Newsome’s fifth-grade talent show is a favorite memory, and she wanted Heritage students to enjoy the experience. “Furthermore, students who participated (could) express their skills and abilities (differently) than during the school day,” she said. Also, performing before a live audience promoted self-confidence.

Judges named winners in several categories:

* Art — Luke Blades, first place for painting a Heritage ram; Jackson Burchfield, second; Susan Iott, third.

* Poetry — Aubrey Blomeley and Erin Ruch, first; Lauren Assaf, second; Skye Echevarria, third.

* Performance — Emma Houssian and Katie Hopkins, first, song parodies; Luke Williams, second; Jon Parker and Harshil Patel, third.

* Physical activities — Charlotte Bigelow, first, cheer/tumbling; Max Steiner, second; Nikki Lipski, third.

* Dance — Braxston Williams, first; Sarah Bryan, Madeline Barnes, Hayden Clift, Abby Ryder and Carsen Clift, second; Michael Flynn, third.

* Vocalists — Sylvia Cortes, first with a Katie Perry song; Distractions, second; Molly Bennett, third.

* Instrumentalists — Sarah Han, first, piano; Steve Yoon, second; Kelley Ann Parris, third.

Grand champion was third-grader Braxton Williams, dancing a pop-n-lock routine.

“Students in the audience were so excited. They congratulated their peers,” Newsome said. “The show helped build upon the strong sense of community at Heritage. Everyone had something in common by sharing this memory together.”

Emcees were sixth-graders Sydney Williams, Jaylin Martin, Jackson Reece and Leann Price. Sixth-grade stagehands were Ashton Davis, Mackenzie Holtcamp, David Charette and Caleb Williams.

Newsome thanked Heritage teachers who were judges, along with businesses who donated to prize packets.

In a surprise finale, everyone bid farewell to retiring principal Dr. Lydia Davenport. Teachers sang parodies, students led cheers and classes spoke. Davenport received a plaque and tribute slideshow.

“Heritage will miss Dr. Davenport,” Newsome said. “It was nice to say goodbye in such a unique way.”

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