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Discovery chooses Steigerwalt as top staff member

Published 9:54am Friday, June 14, 2013

MADISON – Elaine Steigerwalt has been honored by the people who know her best — her co-workers. Steigerwalt is Staff Member of the Year at Discovery Middle School.

Steigerwalt works as a bookkeeper. “I handle all financial and accounting aspects of Discovery Middle School — teacher payroll on the local school level, miscellaneous interoffice responsibilities and coordinating with our local PTA board,” she said.

In her work, interaction with the faculty and staff at Discovery yields the most reward to Steigerwalt. “If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here,” she said.

Ironically, working with that same group of people is the major challenge in her work. She “helps them understand why specific items are necessary to complete paperwork. Their job is to teach … not worry about school accounting,” Steigerwalt said.

For a combined total of 10 years, she has worked as a school bookkeeper for elementary and middle schools. “For 10 years prior to that, I worked as a computer aide in a Madison County school. I absolutely love what I do as a bookkeeper,” she said.

Steigerwalt likes the detailed work of “checks and balances” and considers it a “mini-victory” when the reports balance each month. “I really enjoy schedule pick-up days, because I get to see the new and returning students, some coming up from an elementary school where I previously worked.”

“The administration, teachers and coaches are very supportive and make me proud to work at Discovery Middle School,” Steigerwalt said.

Her husband Steve is a captain with Madison Fire and Rescue Department. “We have two married daughters. Jill and John Ettinger live in Nashville and have our two grandchildren, Jackson and Carter Marie. Ashlee and John Mark Henderson live in Jackson, Miss.,” she said.

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