Discovery eighth-grader Jessie Hall scored 30 on the ACT. (CONTRIBUTED)
Discovery eighth-grader Jessie Hall scored 30 on the ACT. (CONTRIBUTED)

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Eighth-grader Jessie Hall scores 30 on ACT

Published 10:37pm Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MADISON – Eighth-grader Jessie Hall has hit the ‘magic number’ that is a dream for high school upperclassmen — a score of 30 on the American College Test (ACT).

Scoring 30 on the ACT means scholarship offers and broad avenues for college entrance.

Hall first took the ACT as a seventh-grader and received a respectable 24 composite score. “My parents wanted to see where I would land, so they signed me up,” she said. The 24 composite qualified Hall for the grand recognition ceremony at Duke University in May 2012.

Duke sponsors the Talent Identification Program (TIP) to recognize young academic achievers and administer the early ACT testing.

With Jessie’s results, her mother Kelly Tuttle visited Discovery Principal Dr. Robbie Smith to share the good news. “She was complimenting all Jessie’s teachers and the great instruction she has received here,” Smith said.

Hall took the ACT at James Clemens High School. “I wasn’t worried or nervous, but I was definitely the smallest kid there. That was kind of weird,” she said.

Hall’s best score, 33, was in reading. She received 29 in other components for English, science and math. “I need some more study in those areas, especially math, since I have only had algebra. I haven’t taken geometry or trig yet,” Hall said.

“I had made a bet with my stepdad (for) $100 for each point above 25. My dad, Les Hall, matched the bet, so I was thinking about the money!” Hall said. She bought books with most of her winnings.

Hall will be a freshman at Bob Jones High School and plans to pursue theater and Debate Club.

Hall holds a college-ready ACT score but really hasn’t considered college yet. “It will depend on what my major will be as to which school I attend,” she said.

“I have five brothers at my mom’s house. Josh, Jordan, Jayson and Jeremy have already graduated from high school. My younger brother Jonah is going into fourth grade at Rainbow Elementary School,” Jessie said.

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