Arrests from June 21-28

Published 8:14am Friday, July 5, 2013

The following individuals were arrested and charged by the Madison Police Department June 21-28:

June 22

–Alisha Lashe Harris, Madison, public drunkenness

–Uniquecol Lashell Weeks, Madison, failure to pay, bail-jumping second-degree

–Dalen Marie Cravey, Madison, public drunkenness

–Ryan Lucero, Madison, public drunkenness

–Fredrick Judson Bookwalter, Madison, failure to appear traffic

–Frank Doney Jr Wilson, Madison, poss. forged instrument second-degree

–Christopher Charles Jones, Madison, domestic violence third-degree simple assault-family

June 23

–Victor Warren Moody, Madison, driving under influence-alcohol

–Terence Delane Sellers, Madison, domestic violence third-degree harassment-family, obstructing governmental operations

June 24

–John Henry Harris, Madison, disorderly conduct, obstructing governmental operations, public drunkenness

–Tyler Joseph Berger, Huntsville, driving under influence-alcohol

June 25

–Darail Mortez Mcvay, Madison, failure to appear traffic

–Jerry Neal Gulley, Madison, driving under influence-drugs

–Larry Demenrick Globe, Huntsville, failure to appear traffic

–Artis Glen, Huntsville, failure to pay

–Dana Bowers Southard, Madison, theft from public building third-degree

–Vergie S Mcdonald, Madison, driving under the influence (alcohol and controlled subs.)

–John Fred Jones, Madison, aggravated assault second-degree non-family other weapon

June 26

-Toby Curtis Eddy, Huntsville, Driving under influence-alcohol

-Tonia Brown Lovell, Madison, Receiving stolen property-third degree

-John Thomas Hone, Madison, Robbery-first degree-residence-knife

-Miranda Joan Lewis, Madison, theft from public building-third degree

-Alvis Ray Rucker, Madison, Driving under the influence-alcohol

June 27

-Richard F. Stearns, Madison, Public drunkenness

-Gregory Don Rainey, Decatur, Theft-shoplifting-second degree

-Cortez Lemont Moody, Madison, Domestic violence-third degree-simple assult-family

-Michael Sean Bryant, Madison, theft and sale-first degree

June 28

-Joshua Michael Reduk, Huntsville, Bail-jumping second degree,(two counts)

-Latricia Renee Thornton Rowe, Madison, Failure to appear traffic

-Trent Noval Miller, Huntsville, Violation of probation

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