The Madison Street Festival's mobile unit will serve as an information center at the festival on Oct. 5. (CONTRIBUTED)
The Madison Street Festival's mobile unit will serve as an information center at the festival on Oct. 5. (CONTRIBUTED)

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Mobile unit serves dual purposes for Madison Street Festival

Published 1:52pm Friday, August 16, 2013

MADISON – Madison Street Festival’s steering committee now owns a mobile unit that will serve dual purposes.

Festival president Debbie Overcash said the committee is excited to have the new, fully equipped unit. “Buying the unit was a cost-saving measure, due to the large amount of year-to-year storage that the committee needs,” Overcash said.

“When looking at the continued cost of storage, it made perfect sense when our logistics chairman Kyle Mumaw proposed it to the committee,” Overcash said.

On Oct. 5 at the festival, the unit “will be transformed into The Brook / Madison Street Festival Information Station,” Overcash said. The festival treasurer and volunteer chairman will stay in the unit, which will contain festival programs and maps.

In addition, volunteers will check in at the unit, and festival visitors can ask for general information.

Mumaw said ordering the unit was not very complicated because of the budget. “We basically wrote down a list of needs for the trailer and then looked to see what each of them would cost and then ordered appropriately,” he said.

In his specifications, Mumaw outfitted a “concession trailer” with swing-up doors that act as a window over the front of the trailer. “People can walk up and ask any type of questions,” he said.

The trailer is 18 feet long and 8 feet wide. Up to five people can maneuver inside the unit simultaneously. A standard pickup truck can haul the trailer.

During ‘off season’ for the festival, the unit will be stored at North Alabama Gas Company’s facility on Palmer Road. “We are very grateful for their generosity,” Overcash said.

“The proximity of that facility to downtown is such a perk, as is the fact that Kyle and his logistics team don’t have to load and unload trucks on Oct. 4 and then again after the festival on Oct. 5. It’s truly one-stop shopping.”

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