"Stupid Alabama" is Michael P. Wines' first book. (CONTRIBUTED)
"Stupid Alabama" is Michael P. Wines' first book. (CONTRIBUTED)

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Wines’ ‘Stupid Alabama’ presents humorous yet educational romp

Published 5:12pm Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MADISON COUNTY – Burping alligators, disrespectful primates and awkward romance combine for a humorous romp in “Stupid Alabama,” the first book by Michael P. Wines.

Ardent Writer Press in Brownsboro has published Wines’ book. “‘Stupid Alabama’ is a novel about growing up to discover not all things are stupid, but a lot of them are,” publisher Steve Gierhart said.

In the book, Melvin Fitzpatrick, a nerdy sixth-grader from Brooklyn, is forced to spend the summer in ‘stupid Alabama’ with his stupid Uncle Petro, an Auburn University biologist who works with reptiles, snakes, and amphibians. Melvin’s life becomes complicated, adventurous and uproariously funny.

Wines’ book mixes “comedy and animal education, especially about reptiles and amphibians, in this eco-friendly novel for young teenagers and adults alike,” Gierhart said.

Wines, whose parents lives in Madison County, was well prepared to write this subject matter. He currently is completing a master’s degree at Auburn by studying rare and endangered reptiles and amphibians. “He focuses on the Red Hills salamander, Alabama’s state amphibian, and the Eastern Indigo snake,” Gierhart said.

Wines has helped in captures of crocodiles in Costa Rica, pythons in Florida, alligators in Georgia and cottonmouths in Alabama.

For several years, Wines worked as a keeper at the Memphis Zoo, where he cared for the Komodo dragons, venomous reptiles, spiders, giant tortoises, crocodilians and fish. He developed a weekly stage show, “Living with Venomous Reptiles,” to educate and entertain the public.

Today, he also conducts reptile and snake stage shows at the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve, managed by Auburn’s School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences.

“Stupid Alabama” is available from all online outlets. For more information, email to steve@ardentwriterpress.com or visit ArdentWriterPress.com.

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