The following individuals were arrested and charged by the Madison Police Department from Sept 13 – 20:

Published 10:31am Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 14
-Stanley Maurice Boyd, Huntsville, Violation of Probation
-Nik Rutberg, Madison, Obstructing Governmental Operations
-Joe Kason Kelley, Madison, Obstructing Governmental Operation
-Travis Olanda Lewis, Huntsville, Violation of Probation
-Jamario Antwon Tripp, Decatur, Violation of Probation
-Stephen Leonard Jefferson, Madison, Failure to Pay

Sept 15
-Kevin Dewayne Baker, Huntsville, Violation of Probation, two counts
-Michael Dewayne Thompson, Madison, Failure to appear – Traffic
-Jerrod D Crawford, Madison, Theft – Shoplifting in the third degree
-Steven Ray Allen, Decatur, Failure to appear – Traffic

Sept 16
-Tyrone L White, Madison, Failure to Pay
-Dezmond Devonte Calhoun, Madison, Carrying concealed weapon
-Roger Owen Koller, Huntsville, Theft- Miscellaneous- Second Degree
-Raven Simone Byrd, Madison, Failure to Pay
-Kristopher Joseph Speigner, New Brockton, Criminally Negligent Homicide
-Mikle Blake Maner, Athens, Makig false report to Law Enforcement

Sept 17
-Douglas Clark Dyar, Decatur, Failure to Appear – Traffic
-Brent Michael Bircher, Madison, Theft – Shoplifting in the third degree
-Julian Terrell Timmons Earskine, Huntsville, Robbery – 1st-Bank Institution-Gun, Theft – from Bank institution in the first degree

Sept 18
-Morenike Shalinda Fowler, Madison, Theft – shoplifting in the third degree
-Eric Dewayne Johnson, Bessemer, Identity theft
-Eddrett Demond Walker, Huntsville, Menacing Gun, Domestic Violence by strangulation or suffocation – Menacing Theft – Miscellaneous in the second degree
-Timothy Martyn Davies, Madison, Theft from public building in the third degree, Theft – Miscellaneous in the third degree
-Tyrone L White, Huntsville, Theft Miscellaneous in the second degree -Ashley Dehon Toney Sanford, Madison, Failure to Pay

Sept 20
-James Anthony Grays, Triana, Robbery in the first degree – Residence – Gun
-James Anthony Grays, Madison, Domestic violence by strangulation or suffocation injury
-Joy Lynn Speigner, Huntsville, Criminally Negligent Homicide
-Andrew Kyron Taylor, Madison, Failure to pay

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