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Endeavor student body revved up for Red Ribbon Week

Published 4:04pm Wednesday, October 23, 2013

HARVEST — Endeavor Elementary School students are sharing facts, dressing crazy and planning a parade for Red Ribbon Week.

For Red Ribbon Week, Endeavor Elementary School students wore crazy hats on one theme day. (PHOTO / CRISTEN SMITH)
For Red Ribbon Week, Endeavor Elementary School students wore crazy hats on one theme day. (PHOTO / CRISTEN SMITH)

“Red Ribbon Week is an ideal way for people and communities to unite and take a visible stand against drugs,” fifth-grade teacher Bridget Tinker said. “This is especially important to bring to young students to develop early, anti-drug use attitudes.”

In later years, this attitude encourages drug-free lifestyles and “prepares our students for a more positive future,” Tinker said.

Each morning during Red Ribbon Week, students presented facts about effects of substance abuse. For a “school-wide chain,” students used paper links to write their goals about reaching a drug-free future. The completed chain was spread end-to-end outside, Tinker said.

On Oct. 21-25, Endeavor students are following pun-filled theme days with dress-up shenanigans. Everyone had crazy hairstyles for “Hairs to a Drug-Free Life Day.” Administrators allowed students to hear hats for “Put a Cap on Drugs Day.”

For “Smarties Don’t Do Drugs Day,” students dressed in attire representing their future careers. School-appropriate pajamas were the garb for “Follow Your Dreams – Don’t Do Drugs Day.”

On Oct. 25, Endeavor’s students will walk in their “Drug-Free Parade” with students dressing for their grade’s theme. The Who’s HOO (Helping Out Others) organization planned the week and wrote a cheer for everyone to perform.

With about 40 students in grades 3-5, Who’s HOO completes school, local and global service projects.

For the parade, pre-kindergarten students will dress like dogs for their “Bark Out Drugs” theme. Dressing in red and black polka dots, kindergartners will follow the theme, “Dot Out Drugs.”

Other grades’ themes for the parade will be “Cross Out Drugs” with red and black stripes, first grade; “Don’t Be Wild About Drugs” with safari wear, second grade; “Cheer on a Drug-Free Life,” sports gear, third grade; “Be a Drug-Free Star” with star-studded clothing, fourth grade; “Too Cool for Drugs,” sunglasses and ice, fifth grade; and “All Aboard the Drug-Free Train,” special-needs students.

Marilyn Hicks is principal at Endeavor.

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