Madison Hospital President Mary Lynne Wright, center, invites employees to enjoy a slice of second-anniversary cake. (CONTRIBUTED)
Madison Hospital President Mary Lynne Wright, center, invites employees to enjoy a slice of second-anniversary cake. (CONTRIBUTED)

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Madison Hospital’s care grows rapidly in its two years

Published 1:56pm Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MADISON – Madison Hospital celebrated its two-year anniversary on Feb. 28 with expanding services, more patients … and about 65 newborns each month.

Original budgets expected 19,000 emergency room patients. “This year, we’re on track to see about 37,000,” hospital president Mary Lynne Wright said.

Madison Hospital now has 390 full and part-time employees, 20 more than in 2012. The number of registered nurses has grown from 166 to 184.

Six months after opening, the hospital added three additional emergency department rooms. “Our Emergency Department staff has done a great job adapting to continuous growth in volume and acuity of our patients,” Wright said.

The staff has compiled impressive statistics:

* Lab procedures — 366,792

* Imaging procedures — 101,689

* Emergency room visits — 68,868

* Patient admissions — 3,190

* Endoscopic and surgical procedures — 7,554

* Births — 637

Bed count hasn’t changed, but average number of patients has increased from emergency admissions and more surgical and obstetrics patients. On average, 10 to 12 physicians care for patients in the emergency room, obstetrics, radiology and gastro-intestinal care, along with consultants and hospitalists.

The hospital hired general surgeons Dr. Matt Hunt and Dr. Doug Downey. Hunt lives in Madison, as will Downey.

“Our first baby was delivered in June 2012. By December 2012, we averaged about 25 deliveries monthly,” Wright said. “Currently, we’re delivering about 65 babies per month.”

The breast center, DEXA scanning (bone density), vein center and CT equipment for cardiac studies have been added.

Wright acknowledged her leadership team: Melissa Taylor, Shari Crowe, James Whitt, James Baker, Stephanie Fish, Shay Coots, Ryan Murray, Amanda Clardy, Betty Madison and Kelly Hatley.

How will Madison Hospital change in the next five years? “In 2019, we’ll still have a beautiful facility and a team that puts the patient first. We’ll be busier, hopefully delivering 100 babies a month … and see more physicians that call Madison home and have established offices here,” Wright said.

“We will still be the community hospital, delivering high technology, quality care with a southern flair,” she said.

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