This student at Monrovia Elementary School enjoys the physical fitness aspect of the Boosterthon Fun Run program. (CONTRIBUTED)
This student at Monrovia Elementary School enjoys the physical fitness aspect of the Boosterthon Fun Run program. (CONTRIBUTED)

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Monrovia students run for funds with Boosterthon

Published 2:08pm Saturday, March 15, 2014

MONROVIA – “Be Friends, Don’t Bully” was the theme for the Boosterthon Fun Run for students at Monrovia Elementary School.

Involving a nine-day program, the Boosterthon raises needed funds for local schools while inspiring students to live healthy, character-filled lives. Monrovia used “Camp High Five” as its character theme this year during the first week of March.

Boosterthon Fun Run is a national fundraising program that promotes fitness, leadership and character at more than 1,000 schools. Students in Madison City Schools also have participated in the Boosterthon Fun Run.

Monrovia is among those schools that have scrapped door-to-door sales of products, like candy and wrapping paper, for Boosterthon as a profitable, fitness event.

“Our team motivates students across the country to get excited about fitness, leadership and character,” Boosterthon founder and president Chris Carneal said. “We love watching schools exceed their financial goals with our program, but what really fires us up is developing leaders at the elementary-school level.”

In daily character lessons, Camp High Five taught the value of respecting others, avoiding bullying behavior and showing sportsmanship. Reinforcing the message, the curriculum includes videos, catchy songs and a brand-new children’s book.

Students at Monrovia elementary also will be giving back to a local food bank during this program through the High Five Meal Drive. Families in Madison County will receive donations from the food drive.

In addition, Boosterthon has launched two new, year-round resources. Featuring 25 episodes, the fitness DVD series “Boost Fit Challenge” makes fitness fun for children. Using simple exercises, students work out with the Boosterthon Team on the recording.

Students also can continue developing good character traits with the Boosterthon Content App. This free app is jam-packed with music, videos, books and more materials.

Boosterthon headquarters is located in Alpharetta, Ga. For more information, visit

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