I Remember Madison When…

I remember Madison when I experienced my first tornado warning, right after moving here 30 years ago. Coming from the Southwest I had never experienced ... Read more

Auburn girl comes back home to Madison

I may have been born in Huntsville, but I’ve always been a Madison girl at heart. Read more

Step it up Huntsville: Vote for Paul

Paul McDonald needs your help. Read more

Local players bring national attention

Butler High School’s Trevor Lacey and Bob Jones High School’s Levi Randolph are going to need bigger trophy cases. Read more

Bob Jones program is truly special

When I first started writing for The Record six months ago, I jumped headfirst into my main beat, Madison City Schools. Read more

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Losing your wallet can be a traumatic experience

Losing your wallet or purse is a devastating experience. Here are a few things you should do if you find that your wallet has been ... Read more

Her View – Our digital world can be dangerous for our children

A workshop is being presented on Saturday, Aug. 20 from 2-4 p.m. at the Madison Library, to help parents learn how to keep kids safe ... Read more

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